Re-Purchase Policy of Capitol Hill Books 


Books for me to purchase may be brought to the store between 4PM and 6PM on Monday or Thursday. Please do NOT bring books BEFORE 4PM and please do NOT bring books in for me to purchase on other days: it won't happen.
(That means: we are a small store and can't provide temporary storage; bring them in between 4PM and 6PM and you MUST stay with them while I review them:  if they are worth my time and money, they are worth your presence.)

TWO BOXES PER PERSON for possible store-purchase. And it is a business deal: either you come in to donate or you come in to get money.  No grey area exists: one or the other, period.

WE DO NOT PURCHASE: books stolen from a Library, other store, this store, or any person.
We do purchase Library Books that have an official discard or excess stamp on them.

    *NO Textbooks
    *NO Hardback Mysteries (we like softback)
    *NO Romance Novels
    *NO Encyclopedias
    *NO Hardback Sci Fi
    *NO Computer Books
    *NO Magazines
    *NO Law Books
    *NO Business and Leadership Books
Reader's Digest Compendia
Art Anthologies (yes for a particular Artist)
Survey-type/Anthology-type "Cocktail Table" type of book

Credit: we give a little more if you want to use the potential money for credit for future purchases. We keep your name on file and what amount you have left.

Money: If a hardback is in "good" condition, you might receive 30% of the price for which I am going to sell the book (see last paragraph below). If a paperback, you get 10%. And that's it: if you don't like it, please stay away. The key here is what I am going to sell it for, not what the original publisher sold it for: he is not around to pay the bills at this store and if it does not sell, I can't send it back to him, but must eat it. 

Criteria for Money/Store Credit: the storeowner's call. I can only buy the book if it sells, not because you are a nice person. If you want to argue, please, do NOT bring the books in: I'm just too old with too little time left for more avoidable heartache.  If I decide to purchase your book, you need to understand that the value of the book for someone else to put down their money is dictated by MORE than what you paid for it, your perception of its value, or your enjoyment with it.  Therefore, I have to consider (1) probability that we can resell it and the rapidity of that probability (longer it sits, the more rent/heat/light/air conditioning it costs me), (2) scarcity, and (3) CONDITION ("good" means in good shape, dustcover in good shape -  missing dustcover for hardback fiction loses 85% of its value -  no torn/missing pages, no markings on pages in ink/highlighter/pencil/crayon,etc.; no water damage, no mold,no spine or binding damage, e.g. rat, dog, or kid chewing).

The dollar indicated on the cover of the book ONLY comes into consideration (and that is not hard and fast)  if it is of RECENT vintage (last 5 years) and is priced to accommodate inflation and numbers of copies available: those books we try to sell at ½ price or less of the dollar shown on the cover (e.g. a $20 book we try to sell at $10 OR less, UNLESS it is a particularly desired 1st edition or is inscribed by the author, then the price for us to sell may be a buck or two more.)

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