Richard Tuttle, In Parts, 1998-2001. Richard Tuttle, Charles Bernstein, Ingrid Schaffner.
Richard Tuttle, In Parts, 1998-2001
Richard Tuttle, In Parts, 1998-2001
"That's the thing about Richard Tuttle's art: Words really do fail it. I suspect that is why he is so highly venerated among other artists."

Richard Tuttle, In Parts, 1998-2001

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ISBN: 0884540987

Philadelphia: Institute of Contemporary Art University of Pennsylvania, 2001. First Edition. Quarto (24x17x1cm); unpaginated: 13 sheets; 8pp apiece, as follows: each of the thirteen 48x34cm sheets is folded twice (à la traditional quarto), and bound on one folded edge into a plasticized, flexible perfect binding that can lie flat. The sheets are uncut, so that each can be unfolded into its original whole size. All sheets are printed on all eight resulting surfaces, with the large, unfolded surface constituting a single image.

The especially sturdy perfect-bound spine is in a transparent, flexible plastic, allowing the name "Tuttle" to show through, with an effect like the magic-markered textblock edge of a used college textbook. The publisher worked hard to make this sophisticated printing effort on the spine-edges of the gatherings look amateurish.

Covers, sheets, binding, folds all impeccable, As New.

This is the catalog of the Tuttle show at the Institute of Contemporary Art running from 8 December 2001 to 10 February 2002. Post-Minimalist artist Tuttle is appreciated for his efforts in many media—many of them artisanal, small, with domestic associations, including projects in artist's books. This is a jolly little exemplum of such an effort, though it is hard to re-imagine how its fussiness might have been appreciated appearing, as it did, in the season immediately following the attacks of 9/11.

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