Item #4206 Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates

Item #4206

TO AVOID DELAYS read and include *all* the Required Info below when ordering.

Available in $25 increments [i.e. for a $50 gift certificate, order two].

All gift certificates can be used at the store, toward our Grab Bags, or with online orders both here and on our page. These are old-style Gift Certificates that look like a check, *not* digital gift cards / codes, so please include the following to avoid delays in processing.


Please use the Additional Comments section before clicking the Place Order button to answer each of the following:

1. The full name of the recipient
2. Who we should say the gift certificate is from
3. Whether you prefer a physical copy sent through the mail (USPS) or as a PDF emailed to either you or the recipient

If you cannot find the Additional Comments section, email us the info separately. Feel free to write with any questions or requests!

Price: $25.00