Publicity for the Théâtre des Nations in Warsaw - Entry sign in French. Henryk Tomaszewski.

Publicity for the Théâtre des Nations in Warsaw - Entry sign in French

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Text on poster: Varsovie 1975 // Théâtre des Nations // Entrée [Warsaw 1975 // Theater of the Nations // Entry]. Date: 1975. Height x width: 67cm x 98cm. Printing information: lower left corner: logos of KAW and WAG W.D.E.-3 Offset; lower right corner: Condition: Closed puncture 7cm (2.75”) above bottom edge, not reaching edge, closed with tape on reverse; Faint dime-sized liquid stain near bottom edge; Pinholes from mounting, closed tears, and two small chips (1cm) missing along bottom edge; Minimal moisture rippling to upper and lower left corners from previous mounting.

Tomaszewski is often regarded as the pioneer and one of the creative founders of the Polish school of poster art. He studied at the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts in the 1930s, where he eventually became a professor and head of the poster design faculty. He also worked as an editorial cartoonist for several satirical magazines, and would eventually receive top honors for his poster work in Poland and around the world. Many of the following generation of lead poster artists studied with him.

What is now seen as the height of Poland’s poster creativity was a paradoxical by-product of the height of Communist Party control over public messaging related to the arts and cultural endeavors from the mid-1940s to almost the end of the century. What had been, before the war, and dating back as early as the mid-19th century, florid and often text-heavy formats, where fonts and textual layout bore a predominant or equal burden with imagery in conveying information, yielded in the five decades after World War II to the primacy of the image on its own. Visuals became mischievous, allegorical, satiric, and parabolic, and so fantastically creative that they could make innumerable apolitical or counterpolitical appeals while eluding the specific controls of verbal censorship.

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