Purchase Policy


*** Donation are accepted on weekdays and Sundays from 4-7pm.  On weekends we don't have room to put boxes anywhere, so please aim for the above time frames.  The Southeast Neighborhood Library also accepts donations and they're at 403 7th St SE.

*** If you have a large collection of books (greater than two full bookcases), the best thing to do is to snap a few photos of the bookshelves and send them to info@capitolhillbooks-dc.com.  One of our purchasers will look at them and tell you if we'd be interested, if we'd do a house-call, or if another bookstore would be interested.  



Our purchase times are:  Mondays - 4-6pm, and Wednesdays  5:30 - 7:30pm.  We do not hold books beforehand, so you do have to come at the designated times (space is tight if you haven't been here before).  

There is a two box limit per day for in store-purchases.  We offer cash or store credit, and the store credit offer will be significantly higher. 

Some areas we are primarily interested in purchasing are classic and popular fiction, philosophy, political theory, art, photography, sci-fi/fantasy, military history, poetry, modern first editions in dust jackets, university presses/academic titles, and will happily take a look at antiquarian or "rare" items.  For the latter, please send a photo and description via email beforehand.  

We are typically less interested in textbooks, hardback mysteries, harlequin romance novels, encyclopedia sets, out-dated computer books, and larger anthologies.  We do not buy magazines, tapes, or records.  

Cash: We generally pay 10-30% of what we'd sell a book for.  Contributing factors are principally demand and condition.

Store Credit: We give more for store credit and keep your tab open at the front desk.

If you have further questions, feel free to email us.